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I'm Ron Sinclair. I was born in North Carolina. I grew up around the military (Army brat). My father was in the Army before I was born and recently retired as a Command Sergeant Major (CSM) with 30 years in service. In fact, we participated in Desert Shield/Desert Storm in the same major command (1st COSCOM). We were also stationed at Fort Bragg together in that same major command. Currently I live in Japan, not far from Tokyo, with my family. We've been here since December 1998 and aren't due to leave until Dec 2001.

I'm heavily into cars and call myself a backyard mechanic. I've owned a few nice sportscars which you can read about here. I've also owned a few motorcycles and plan to buy another once I return to the U.S. (IF I can't find employment here so I can purchase one in Japan). See the bikes I've owned here.

I'm also into computers. I dabble in Linux, build my own computers, and am decently literate in a few computer languages, which you can read about on my hobbies page.

This is my family. I've been married since February 14, 1995. We recently had an addition to our ranks!

This is my wife. My wife is a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army. She's currently a Detachment First Sergeant. She's been a soldier for 11 years.

This is my wife and I. I can't believe she accepted me as a husband. Sometimes I think she deserves better.

This is my wife and daughter. My wife doesn't think they resemble each other but I see the resemblance. Actually, everyone that sees me with my daughter tells me that she looks exactly like me....I don't see it!

This is my daughterHere's another photo of my daughter. She's around a year old in these pictures. Already walking and trying to talk then. She's RUNNING and TALKING now though!

This is my daugher with her grandmother and great-grandmother (my inlaws). This picture is when my wife was graduating from ANCOC (Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course). I traveled to the U.S. from Japan with Taylor and only ONE seat on the plane to see my wife graduate. My inlaws attended. This was actually only the second time my daughter had seen a relative (my mom-in-law met us at LAX beforehand).

This is my daughter (on the left, near my knee) with my father and her cousin (my sister's son). This is the first time my daughter saw my family. What a riot! Took her a long time to get used to them!

I have an extensive employment background in military matters. After graduating from Westover Senior High School, I enlisted in the United States Army:

  1. In June of 1986, I enlisted as a 55G, also known as a Nuclear Weapons Maintenance Specialist. I was sent to Fort Carson, Colorado after finishing the training course. At Fort Carson (at the Nuclear Weapons Support Branch), I trained National Guard and Reserve artillery units in prepping various artillery munitions for nuclear fire missions. I achieved the rank of Specialist/E4.
  2. I had the chance to change my specialty so I re-enlisted and opted for 96B, which is Intelligence Analysis. From 1989 to 1995, I performed various intelligence tasks, ranging from Division-level to Battalion-level units. At Camp Casey, South Korea, I was assigned to G2, 2nd Infantry Division as an analyst in Plans. I was then moved to the All-Source Production Section as the North Korean Air Force/Air Defence Artillery analyst. Afterward, I participated in Desert Shield/Desert Storm as an intelligence analyst in 1st COSCOM G2. After Saudi, I was promoted to Corporal and was in charge of the PSI (Personnel Security Investigations) Section of 1st COSCOM G2. A month later I made Sergeant/E5. 2 months later, I was transferred to 264th Corps Support Battalion of 1st COSCOM and worked as the S2 Intelligence NCOIC. While there, I participated in the Hurricane Andrew cleanup and actually did intelligence functions. I attended BNCOC (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course) and shortly after, was moved to 530th Supply and Services Battalion of 1st COSCOM, where I was again the Battalion S2 intelligence NCOIC. A week after I arrived, I was sent to Haiti and participated in Operation Uphold Democracy. A year later, October 1995, I terminated my career as a soldier.

Here is my medal trove. All my medals and ribbons are displayed in a very nice box that my wife had made for me. She even attached an engraved placard inside!

I am now looking for employment in the IT/computer field. This is my resume (click here for .doc version).

This is my resume for governmental employment (click here for .doc version).

[Webmaster's note: The background picture is something I saw when I went on a fishing trip near Mount Fuji, an area called Lake Ashi. The scenery was awesome. I took this picture when the fog started rolling in. If it weren't for the fog, I probably could have taken a great picture of Fuji! Since the trip was a Fathers' Day gift, I actually got more than just a fun day of fishing....I got great pics of the local scenery!]

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Last Updated on 08/15/2000
By Ron Sinclair