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Grainger's Catalog: For purchase of bleeder valve to fabricate a manual boost controller, order these parts: part #s 2z767 and 6zf65. See my Talon page for install instruction schematics. I also recommend replacing all hoses related to the "T" with 5/32" vacuum tubing. Should give you 1 to 2 lbs of extra boost to play with. Worked for me!

MB's Guide To Bracket Racing: This is for newbie racers and those who are experienced but might have forgot the fundamentals. I'm a newbie racer and have never raced bracket before. Didn't even know what it was until I went to this site and read tons of info. Browsing this site is highly recommended for all.

Tom's Home Page : This site has an EXTREMELY good FAQ on how to install a more capable fuel pump....includes pics! He also had a minor meltdown of a piston (melted a piston ring or something like that) and has pics of the breakdown of his engine. He then went from a stock 14B to the outrageous 20G turbocharger. Also check out BAD DSM, the regional site for Northern CA (my state of residence!).

DSM Shootout 1996 'Nuff said.

Derek's Home Page (aka NtEclipse): Check out Derek's firebreathing 2g turbo Eclipse...very nice!

Derrick Chan's Home Page (his car rawks!!): Another So Cal guy. This car is awesome....another car that I want mine to look like. He also maintains the SoCal regional DSM site.

Kelly Johnsen's Home Page (aka KellyTSi): Kelly had a 2g Talon TSi and later decided to go 1g instead.

RUFRIDR's Home Page (aka Hank Bell): This guy HAD 18" rims on his Eclipse!! Hit a horse and totalled the car, tho. He had a FWD GS-T, but has now graduated to an AWD 16G'd GSX!! Check it out!

Alex's (aka T-1000) '90 Eclipse: Another So. Cal. guy with an awesome car....and he is also 16G'd!!

James' Home Page: This is the only site I have where pics of the Galant VR4 is pictured...check it out. Er....and, don't forget to look at James' car too....he has a LONG list of mods!!

Chad's Home Page: This car is what I want my car to look like!

LoQuito's Home Page: A Munz production.

Aaron's Page: Check out this page. It has some interesting facts. He's also one of my online homeys.

Steve aka SpyderMan: Steve is a member of BAD DSM and sports a '97 Eclipse Spyder, heavily modded.

Jeff Wong's 3000GT: Try a bigger size of Mitsubishi!  A land whale DSM :o)

Kurt aka DEVILISH:  Kurt's car club.

Kent Ballard:  Kent's first efforts at a homepage is very nice....check out the link!

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Last Updated on 11/13/99
By Ron Sinclair