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[Webmaster's note: This is a vent about IRC in relation to Club DSM. The Magazine Archive Pic Page WAS being hosted here. Well, the server administrator dropped the site like a bad habit for no reason whatsoever. I got no prior notice at all. He also hosts Word is, he got too big for his britches at that IRC server and everyone abandoned it. They now meet at, all except the very stubborn. At the present time, there can be up to 3 to 4 persons at It almost makes me laugh. It's been like that for two months with no end in sight. Todd Day won't redirect to because (IMO) this whole situation must have put a dent in his pride. I say this because he wants moderated, pure DSM chat and that WILL NEVER HAPPEN. It hasn't since DSM IRC started in 1996. Well, things seem to be fine without a redirect. Sooner or later, it will HAVE to happen. It can't be denied, or #dsm will be empty for a very long time. Todd, it's time to eat crow, man! (08/22/00)]

[Webmaster's note: This is another vent about IRC in relation to Club DSM. I recently sent in a post to the digest. My email client automatically puts out a signature that has links to my webpage and Todd was being really anal and wiped out my whole signature. What a prick. What a petty loser. I told #dsm what happened and it was agreed that this was wrong. At first I had thought that the signature was wiped by a bot or script, something automated, but as a browsed that particular digest, I saw a shitload of other sigs that looked just like mine. I think mine was singled out because I put into my signature. Todd continually comes into #dsm on that server and uses it's resources but will cut out sigs that contain that link Hrmm...sounds conflicting, doesn't it? Maybe if Todd left alone the digest for a bit and got some ass, maybe he wouldn't be wound so tight. His ass must be a diamond factory. If he can't get some vagina by his own merits, he could at least purchase some. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Todd, you have my respect for running an excellent resource but you aren't the only person that should get credit. The list members provide just as much service as you do. You are ONLY the administrator of the list. You've contributed more than I have, of course, but does that make anyone else's opinion less worthy? So, you want more control in #dsm? Go to the other server then. You don't like the fact that the other server is pretty much empty? Tough shit. Live with it. I can live with the fact that you cut out my sig on the digest...its no real big deal. I do think you're acting like a pussy about all this though. Extending all this into the digest is just can't do much about the situation but cut my sig out? LOL...that's fine by me. That's about all the control you have over this. This site gets enough traffic to where a digest sig won't matter. I'm not the only one with directions to either. The more web directs to's #dsm, the worse your situation will become. I KNOW this bothers you. Live with it. (01/13/01)]

[Webmaster's note: This relates to my note on the 13th of Jan. Today's digest (or yesterdays, since I live a day ahead of most of the readers) had a post regarding IRC, specifically Someone asked how to get on a few days ago and someone answered them about going to instead since seems quite empty of late. Todd let that post through. Hrmmm...whattup with that? (as of 17 Jan 01)

For a direct link to, click here. This works with Windows systems but I'm not so sure about Linux systems. You click on the link and accept the download...don't worry, it's only a text file. Once it's downloaded, it will open up your IRC client and point directly to the above-mentioned server. Enjoy! (as of 17 Jan 01)

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