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Battle of the Imports Page
My car is in the far lane....if you look closely, you can see that I absolutely KILLED this guy of the line! The start line is behind the white sign 
in the center. I've already got almost a car-length on him! I lost  to him because this guy ran an almost perfect reaction  time!! Within .oo5 of 
his dial-in...while my dial-in time was .010, which is damn good also.

Again, I'm in the far lane, and a good friend of mine is in the other lane. I took him to almost the first half of the track, then 
he caught me and ate me. I later found that he had a Garrett T3/TO4 with IC installed. I was still happy that my AWD showed 
him my tail lights approximately 50% of the race!What is weird is that I ran a 15.5xx at 84.xx MPH. I didn't use race gas (come 
to think of it, I was running California 92 octane)but I was mildly modded. Palmdale is considered high altitude also, but DAMN!
For an interesting story related to this incident, click here. (This link will be fixed soon!  I promise!)

Nice, huh?  Club DSM was out in force that day, with 7 1st Gen DSMs and 5 2nd Gen (including one GST Spyder).  Todd's is on the far left, and 
next to his car is Tom's, before he went with a bigger turbo. The quickest DSM out was James of San Diego, below, who ran high 13s on a T25!!

James' awesome beast.  He still has the stock turbo in, but was running high 13s that day.

The other end of the DSM train, with the 2nd Gen DSMs.  Mike Cornwell of San Diego is shown cooling his butt in the black talon 
(the only other talons that day were mine, Tom's, and Todd's,  so both generations of talons were represented,  at least).

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