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Drawing and RC Cars



I used to love to draw. I used to always draw when I was younger. I've slowed down alot since high school. I would post some scanned drawings, but I lost my portfolio awhile back....damn, I had some good ones too.

RC Cars:

I don't exactly have an RC car hobby, not yet, but since I'm living in Japan and there aren't too many things (besides travelling) that a military family member can do here to pass the time, I thought I would enjoy doing that. 

Flying RC planes would be even better but I would hate to spend all that time building and crash it on the first flight.....yuck.  There's this guy here that flies his two planes here every Sunday. He loads all his gear into his truck and brings a cooler along and flies them all afternoon. I sometimes watch from my home.

Where I live, (Sagami Depot, on the outskirts of Tokyo) there is plenty of space to run 4X4/AWD/Rally RC cars.  I plan to take full advantage of it, especially since there is a BIG hobby store a minute or two off-base.  Since I can't own an actual Mitsubishi EVO IV or V, then owning a RC-replica is the next best thing!  :o)

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