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Comic Collecting

I've been collecting since I was a sophomore in high school (1984). I have a few initial issues, mainly New Mutants (Marvel), Blue Devil (DC) and Star Man (DC).

I have approximately 2500 comics in my storage shelter. I also have around 500 here with me in Japan, uncatalouged. I collect comics because of the artwork. Besides, after reading some of the storylines, some are very interesting. 

My favorite Marvel comics titles are The Submariner, Thor, Spiderman, The Uncanny Xmen, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, and Captain Marvel. My favorite DC comics are: Hawk and Dove, The Teen Titans, Firestorm, and JLA. Most of those are "old school," and I'll wager that some of you Generation X types haven't seen or heard of those titles.

I tend to lean more toward Marvel when it comes to taste in artwork and characters. The only thing I hate about Marvel is the fact that they are putting out so many new characters that it's hard to keep track, especially with the mutant situation. Also, some of the mutant powers they come up with are a bit cheesy.

What I've noticed lately also (in the last year or so) is the way Marvel is printing it's artwork. The coloring is nasty in some just sucks. The artwork also looks kinda funky in a few books. It's almost like they are relying too much on today's technology. I know that this is the Computer Age and that computers are being used for almost anything, but this is starting to detract from the comics. The first thing I look for when I'm at the comic stand at a store is the artwork and coloring. If it looks crappy, I don't buy it, no matter what comic it is and what topic it's covering. I collect mainly for the artwork.

Also, I've heard a rumor that DC is coming down hard on websites using their logos and artwork. What's all this about? In this day and age, comic books aren't that popular and DC starts hammering their fans? We'll see how DC's outlook on things change when they finally figure out that they are hurting the hands that are feeding them.

On that note, I've just read the latest Justice League and I'm seriously stoked that DC seem to be restarting the Hawk and Dove characters. I cut my comicbook teeth on Hawk and Dove! My only problem is that it is hard to keep current with titles here in Japan. The military stores will carry one title on a given month and the next month won't carry that title. This problem includes all magazines. I'm seriously thinking on subscribing for some of my favorite comics and mags.

I used to watch The Submariner, The Almighty Thor, and Iron Man on television as cartoons when I was a small kid. They used to air on the Armed Forces Network in Europe when we lived there. I guess that's why I now have a comic fetish.

Since I've married, I've had to tone down on the purchase of comics. When I was single and a young Private in the U.S. Army, I would get paid every 2 weeks and I would spend up to $50 on comics every payday. Comics were cheap back then. Back in 1984, a single mainstream comic would cost approximately $1. Now, comics run upward of $2, and even more for an Annual.

What I haven't seen in ages is the Marvel Universe catalogs that cover every single Marvel entity and their history, from A-Z. I have one set that I bought at a comic shop about 12 years ago, though it's not a complete set...I think I'm missing one issue. Those catalogs are awesome! I recommend you grab a set if you see one.

Here are a few comic book sites. Let me know if any of the links are down:

The Avengers!!

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