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What Stock DSMs Are Good for in the Quarter Mile

    I recently was told my a fellow DSMer that his car, a bone stock AWD DSM (dunno if it was 1g or 2g) did a 14.5 at 91 in the 1/4th mile.  He said it was done in very cool weather and with stock boost, with 116 octane gasoline in his tank.

    Email me at to let me know your thoughts on this.....if it seems to be valid to me, I'll post it to this page.

    Keep in mind that stock means this:

No fabrication of parts whatsoever on the vehicle.....nothing that wouldn't be on the car in a showroom of the manufacturer and be sold to the regular consumer.  This includes boost levels.  This includes tires.  This includes any sort of bolt-on parts, performance or otherwise.  This means no reworked stock parts to give the car any sort of advantage.  High octane fuel is not a modification in this equation.

    Most people I've talked to so far have a problem with the definition of stock.  You'll see what I mean as we discuss this topic a bit  further.

     I'm more or less calling a 14.5 stock DSM a tall tale type of thing.  I've never seen it done and even if it was, I don't think it should be claimed that any stock DSM will turn 14.5s or less.  Magazine articles quote between 14.9 and 15.9 quarter mile times for AWD.  Take the average and it's 15.4 to 15.5.  I ran a 15.5 bone stock.  I've also seen a 98 GSX with no mods and 100 miles on the odometer run a 14.9.  I'm sure a very good driver can do 14.9 or maybe even a tenth or 2 quicker....but 14.5 is really stretching it.

Here are what some of the Club DSM list thought about this:

Ron Sinclair (myself)
(this is the post that inspired me to do this page)

Shawn Jewett


(this one is sorta funny, because he seems to think that a pre-95 BOV and a K&N filter is stock.  I'm truly not making fun of this guy, but this is what I was talking about earlier.....the majority's definition of STOCK is warped.)

(this one makes alot of sense, but I just cannot embrace a 14.5 stock time from a 3200lb. 195hp car.  It may be cold outside and it may not be fully optioned but I still find it almost impossible for an average DSM to run that low of a time.)

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Last Updated on 11/13/99
By Ron Sinclair