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Date:    Thu, 22 Oct 1998 22:14:19 -0700
From:    Ron Sinclair <>
Subject: Various
Message-ID: <#25>

(****** the void here is off-topic stuff that was posed on the digest, so I deleted it ******)

On another note, I was on IRC tonite and there was this guy on the 'net on
#dsm who claimed to have done a 14.5 QM with a DSM (don't know if he had a
1g or 2g)...a stock one...bone stock.  I laughed so hard I almost wet my
pants.  Come to think of it, I think I posted something about this last may be the exact same guy I RTPed to.

OK, someone PLS PLS PLS refresh my memory about DSMs and the word STOCK.
This guy said he ran 14.5 on a very cold night (no hard #s) with 116
octane(?).  Is there a reason he had 116 octane?  Maybe for skyhigh
boost?  He said it was stock but every time I asked what the boost was
set at, he would continue to say stock.  I'm thinking it was bull$h!t.
Even on tonite's digest with the listing of stock DSM QMs from 90-95, the
times varied from 14.9 to 15.9.  A STOCK, non-modded, non-hacked boost DSM
can surely NOT run 14.5.  I can see maybe 14.8 or 14.7, but I can NOT see a
3200 lb car, running stock boost (10.5-11psi?) turn a 14.5 @ 91.  It sounds
like it was all launch since the trap speed is low, but turning that time
with that boost and that mph would take an aftermarket clutch too, wouldn't
it?  Or maybe he only got one good run in because after than run, his
clutch was screwed?

Let me stop speculating.  Let me ask the big dogs their advice...Dave B.?
Bill L.? Sean G? Tom S.? Anyone else with dirt and grease under their nails
and experience to boot, please reply.  I'm really curious about getting a
car with 195 - 210 hp that weighs over 3000lb to run a 14.5 on stock boost.
I should have asked if he had a ton of stickers all over his car...maybe
those helped him get that time.  I don't know...I'm at a loss  :o)

PLS PLS PLS RTP me, or better yet, post to the digest so everyone else can
know how to make their stock DSM scream without tampering with it.

Ron Sinclair