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SCC Responses from DSM fans

Response #1:

Good points. I wish you woulda posted your letter before you sent it though. I could have saved you a lot of "I am pretty sure about" and "I seem to recall xxxx because"... :) I have the NSX run on tape, it coulda been used as actual hardcore evidence.

Yeah, the lack of articles about Hondas breaking is very disturbing.

Take care,

Response #2:

Welcome to California. Image is everything. Performance means nothing. Obey your timeslips.


Response #3:

I really enjoyed and thoroughly agreed with your post to the digest last night. Good post!

Bill Lawrence

Response #4:

I'm a little behind on my digests and noticed that you asked for someone to scan the articles in SCC where they reply to your letter (and rather obnoixiously continue to attempt their lame mockery of you).

Anyways since you asked so long ago I thought maybe by now you would have gotten someone else to do the scanning for you, or you found a copy somewhere... If you haven't yet read it I can dig up a copy probably and scan it for ya..

lemme know,

Response #5:

BTW, "those meddling kids"......I guess you have never watched Scooby Doo, have you?


Tom Stangl

Response #6:

>From: "Speed Enthusiast for Life!" 
>Subject: Response #6 
>Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 00:58:07 -0800 
>Wich issue was you,r article printed in, I vuagley remember it. I thought the 
mockery was kinda funny( with the scooby doo refrence ) , but that they should've
admited the're error, or backed up what they printed....Either way. Speed 
enthusiast for life.............Joe.........

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