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PSX Gaming


PSX Gaming:

I've owned a PSX system for about 2 years and I love it. 

I have:

GT2 is crazy-awesome!  I don't think I'll ever reach burnout on that game....I had to make myself go to bed the first nite I played it.  It betters the original Gran Turismo by a LONG shot!  I think it has over 300 cars to choose from. In fact, I never even put a dent in the first version. I may sell it because I don't even need to play it anymore.

Um Jammer Lammy is OK....but still not as good as Parappa the Rapper.  It gets extremely hard after a few turns though.

WuTang Shaolin Style is fun, but the last few bosses are extremely hard.  I'm stuck at the 2nd to last boss...been stuck for at leas 2 months!  I think I'm going to sell this game.  I'm a bit disappointed.  The moves kinda suck and your character cannot jump at all. I think this game was hyped up a bit too much. I think the only REALLY good thing about this game is that it includes a few audio tracks from the rap group WuTang Clan that you can actually play in an audio CD player.

CART World Series isn't all too great.  I should have saved my money or spent it elsewhere.

Sports Car GT is very nice....good graphics....not on par with GT, though it models rain.

Bloody Roar is fast-paced.  It's one of my favorites.  It's almost like Tekken 2 but with the added fun of changing into powerbeasts.

I've just bought Jet Moto 3.  Not a bad game.  It's another racing game....jet motorcycles.

I intend on getting a few more sports games...maybe a football, basketball, and baseball. 

I recently bought Bleem.  It uses your PC to play PSX games.  I tried it once with WuTang Shaolin Style...I was a bit turned off by the way you interact with Bleem and the game you are using on your PC:  you have to use certain keys on the keyboard that coincides with the buttons on the PSX controller...that makes for very hard control, IMO.  There should be a way you could use a PC gamepad or joystick, or even an adapter for the PSX controller! I hear that Gran Turismo and the second version of it looks VERY nice on a PC using Bleem. I'll have to try it one day.

I'm also DEFINITELY saving for the PS2.  It's been released here since spring of 2000!

Lastly, here's a link to the Playstation website.

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