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Lt. Sinclair's

Enemy Engaged: Comanche Vs. Hokum

UK Version

Added the fact that I now have a Saitek X36 USB stick and throttle. I had a few issues with it. Read below (3/4/01).
Reviewed and revised patching scheme below. I've corrected a few things and changed it a bit. Keep in mind that you may or may not have problems with this patching scheme. I'll explain below (3/4/01).
Added instructions to direct EECH newbies on how to select the Apache and Havoc when using EEAH with EECH. This is usually a very frequently asked question on the newsgroups and forums (9/10/00).

Do NOT follow the patch scheme below. I think I have the patch procedures wrong....I lost my notes and will have to experiment with the EECH patching again and correct my errors. I'll let you know when it is revised (8/24/00).

I flew my first multiplay mission with another EECH flyer from After so many days of entering #EECH (on EFnet) and not seeing anyone, Saturday night (Saturday morning for CONUS) was alive with four sim pilot bodies.

Go here to read about my first multiplay, and continue below to read about patching to 1.4.1C and then 1.4.4X.

Here's the way I patch my version of EECH (UK) when doing a fresh install. At first, I tried to manage virtual memory instead of letting W98 handle it but while I had no problems manually managing memory, EECH did NOT like that fact and let me know this quite alot by throwing errors in my face. I now let W98 manage virtual memory. Follow the directions below:

1. Arrange for Windows 98 to handle virtual memory automatically. My system gave me hell when I tried to manage it myself.

2. Install DX7 or DX8 and your card's latest video card drivers.

3. Install EEAH.

4. Run the EEAH that you just installed.

5. Install EECH (my version out of the box is version's the UK version)

6. Run the EECH that you just installed. "Apache Havoc: Installed" should show in your monitor's upper right corner. "Version 1.0.2C" shows in the my monitor's lower right corner. If you are using the US version, you'll have a higher version...keep in mind, we haven't patched our sim yet.

7. Go to Razorworks' site and download the 1.4.1C patch. While you are there, also download the 1.4.5X patch...the name of this file is ''.

8. Once you have both patches that step 7 directed you to retrieve, run the 1.4.1C patch and run EECH again. When I did this, "Version 1.4.1C" shows in the lower right corner of my screen.

9. Go to your "cohokum" folder, remove (cut) 'cohokum.exe' and place it (paste) in a safe place, preferably a backup disk.

10. Now, the 1.4.5X patch isn't a patch that you just double-click to extract. You'll have to drag and drop the zip-file's only file into your "cohokum" folder. The name of the file in 'cohokum.exe'. It's different from the 'cohokum.exe' file that was installed from the EECH CD. Drag and drop that file from the zip-file to your 'cohokum' folder.

11. Run EECH again. "Version 1.4.5X" should show in the screen's lower right corner. If this is the case, you are done. If this is not the case, I'd advise you to uninstall what you do have. Make sure there is nothing on the drive related to EECH...delete any folders that Windows left. Next, reinstall again, making sure you follow these directions to the letter. I made sure that these instructions would work before posting them here, so I'm pretty sure they will work (at least, they'll work on MY machine).

The reason I tell you to run EECH after every install is because this is an excellent way to check to see if the patch install was applied correctly. It is better to check immediately after the patch install instead of after applying all the patches and running EECH lastly. You'd be pissed if you did all the patch installs and checked the patch version lastly, finding that EECH is showing your first patch and not the last one you tried to apply.

Lastly, let me know these instructions aren't working for you. We'll try to work out what is wrong. Also, keep in mind, these worked for my system with my computer components. With today's technology, this may not work for everyone's SHOULD, but every computer is different. Remember that I'm posting these instructions as help to help newbies. If you do something wrong by not following directions and mess something up on your computer, remember that I'm not responsible for anything that goes wrong. Just had to add ever heard "CYA?" "Cover Your Ass."

Well, anyways, I then booted up BattleCom, grabbed Enforcer's IP address, ran Flex's EECH GSS. I entered Enforcer's IP addy into GSS and engaged EECH thru GSS. [ Webmaster's note: I upgraded to GSS version 1.83. I still have server problems but they aren't as bad as the previous versions (8/24/00). I didn't rely on GSS for IRC'ing at the time because GSS had ident and server issues. I relied on mIRC. (8/14/000)]

Enforcer guided me thru what I should be seeing and doing when initiating multiplay EECH. He took me thru the menus by voice (BattleCom), which was excellent. I joined his mission, which was listed under "Skirmish." He set up the loadout and we were on our way ...... well, I mean HE was. I didn't actually get in the cockpit until the mission was well underway.

Here's where it gets interesting and a bit weird. I jump in the cockpit and see we are around 1,000 ft. ...... wtf. The 'copter was on autopilot so I assume it was just following Enforcer. I think he popped up to get a snapshot of the enemy situation, so I guess that's why he was up that high. I just can't understand why the autopilot was taking me up 1,000 ft. more than where he was! I took the Comanche off autopilot and tried to bring it down a bit, a bit ungracefully because I use just a CH F16 Combat Stick with an onboard throttle (which is very sensitive to input) ...... I was also a bit pannicked since I was way up where a SAM may take a shot at me.

I finally got down to a good tactical height when Enforcer told me, "Don't go over that hill." I hadn't turned on my radar yet, while Enforcer had, so I turned on my ground radar and selected LOAL. He then instructed me how to receive his target list. This is something that I hadn't done in single play (in fact, you are incapable of doing this in single player mode). I had read about this and was going to ask about it on the Longbow/EECH list, until now. Well, I grabbed his target list and saw a T-80 either on the backside of the hill or a bit beyond it.

I was too close for Hellfires so had to move back a mile or two. At the time I was moving back a bit, I was fooling around with hover hold and altitude hold. I had moved back the mile or so using altitude hold (works better for me than hover hold) but it let the helicopter go for no apparent reason and I had to catch myself ...... I was already very low. I stopped in front of Enforcer (he hadn't went as close to the T-80 as I had) and then decided to give hover hold a try. I was levelled off and in a stable hover. I then used the "X" key to do a 180 but I must have done it too fast because hover hold let go and I crashed. I didn't even get a chance to kill that T-80. What the hell is the deal with altitude hold not holding? I know that sudden moves when in stable hover hold cuts off hover hold, but I didn't think altitude hold had the same parameters.

[Webmaster's note: I'm STILL having occasional problems with hover hold and altitude hold. If I use alt. hold then go straight to hover hold, the hover hold mode will work for maybe 30 seconds, then let the helicopter go ...... very frustrating, especially if you are already 12 ft or so from the dirt! Altitude hold will get very wacky (start pulling to the left for NO reason whatsoever) even while I have the chopper totally planted in one spot. These problems happen approximately 20% of the time and is VERY annoying. Calibration isn't the problem. I constantly calibrate my stick. I'm also aware that hover hold will let go if you move above a certain threshold, but still, hover hold should NOT be letting go if I plant the helicopter! (8/14/00)]

Overall, I had a great time. I really want to thank Enforcer for walking a newbie thru multiplay. I now realize that I really need a good set of rudders and a dedicated throttle. I'm trying to wait for a good USB set of these to arrive. I hinted to my wife that if she's in the mood to give me any presents, she should make it a joystick/throttle/rudder! Maybe for Xmas, huh?

[Webmaster's note: My wife got me a Saitek X36 USB controller/throttle package for Christmas. This system is really nice and I use it with EF2000, KA52: TA, Combat Flight Sim 2, WW2 Fighters, and EECH/EEAH. It has a few issues regarding VIA chipsets (my mainboard is a Tekram P6ProA5) and Windows 98 (non-SE version), so I have to use the serial connector instead of the USB connector. If anyone else has these problems, I advise going to the Saitek Help page (unofficial). I'll post a link to the thread where I asked for help. Basically, my USB stick was showing serious lag with EECH. Whatever stick input I generated showed 2-3 seconds later. Someone told me that W98SE gets rid of the lag. I don't want to upgrade to another Windows version. Saitek and the X36 packaging and instructions stated that all I needed was W98. I was a bit peeved. (3/4/01)]

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