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From: "Shawn Jewett" <>
Subject: stock times
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 09:28:08 PST

I can tell you my experiences. With my 91 AWD Talon totally stock (no
K&N even), I ran a best of 15.08 @ 89mph. This is at sealevel on a
summer evening, not too hot, not super cold. I ran several 15.2s up to
15.7 even. I got two 1.98 60 foot times in stock trim. Basically what it
came down to was, The higher I dumped the clutch the faster the car
went. My best times were with 6k+ clutch dumps. For a stock AWD to break
90mph I don't believe it. I can see a stock 1g running a 14.9 or maybe
even a 14.8 but not any faster, and not over 90mph. My car is fully
loaded with power and leather etc., even a power sunroof and weighs in
at 3220 without me in it. Maybe if you had a no option car it might be a
little lighter but I don't think it would be under 3000 at all, more
like 3100.

I don't think that guy can say it was because of his "super" driving
skills either. I drive quite well and have been racing for years. I'm
not the best driver out there but my 13.2@101mph and 1.82 60 foot times
are right in line with the other good drivers.

Just thought I would give you my $.02
Shawn Jewett