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Comic Collecting:

I have approximately 1500 comics in my storage sheter. I collect super hero because of the artwork. Besides, after reading some of the storylines, some are very interesting.

Some comic book sites:



I've modified my first computer and also built one from the ground up. I have an Acer P100 that is kind of ancient. I also built a P200MMX that has a 24X CDROM, a 16-bit soundcard, a 4MB S3 Virge 3D video card, a 16-bit scanner, a Canon Bubblejet BJC-200, a Combat Stick from CH Products, a WD 4.3G hard drive, a Logicode 56K modem, an E5TX-AT motherboard, 64MB RAM, and a SyQuest EZFlyer 230MB external hard drive.

I also have taken some college level computer programming courses: BASIC, Turbo Pascal, and C/C++ using Borland C/C++. I'm also teaching myself Unix, by way of Linux: I've tried alot of the flavors out there -- Red Hat 4.2, Red Hat 5.0, Slackware 3.4 (now using), Debian 1.3.1, and OpenLinux Base. Slackware is nice but seems to need a little knowledge of Unix to set up when installing. I'm now using Slackware after giving RH a try. I like Slackware alot. Red Hat is for the beginner and sets up everything asked for using a default.

I also play games by computer: 688(I) Sub Sim, EF2000, Air Warrior I and II, WarBirds, Starcraft, Command and Conquer Gold and C&C Red Alert, Duke Nukem 3D (Quake sux, BTW :o) and some others.

I also chat online frequently: I use mIRC 5.2 and chat on EFNET (#acura, #honda, and #louisiana2), and (on #dsm). I use ICQ to chat with friends and also to game with 688(I). I use AIM to chat with family and friends. I also have IPhone/Webphone, which I haven't used yet because most of my friends don't have it.

I'm currently attending Monterey Peninsula College to receive my AS in Computer Technology. I would like to specialize in Programming but am beginning to lean toward Unix system administrator. If I go the sys. admin. route, I'll receive my education through trade school.


I used to love to draw. I used to always draw when I was younger. I've slowed down alot since high school. I would post some scanned drawings, but I lost my portfolio awhile back....damn, I had some good ones too.