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Lt. Sinclair's

Enemy Engaged: Comanche Vs. Hokum

UK Version

Listed below are instructions on how to fly the Apache and Havoc in EECH. This is a FAQ that needs to be addressed since it isn't covered in the EECH manual. This FAQ is the most asked question in forums and newsgroups:

Question: how do I fly the Apache or Havoc when using EECH? The only helicopters that show are the Comanche and Hokum.

Answer: We'll start from the very beginning.

  1. If you do not have EEAH already installed, install it. As the manual says on page 1.3, "you must upgrade the installed version of Apache Havoc to version 1.1E. The upgraded patches are supplied on the EECH CD in the 'Apache Havoc Patches v1_1e' folder. Simply launch the patch.exe within the language folder that matches your version of Apache Havoc. Then run Apache Havoc to apply the changes."
  2. Start EECH and observe the boot-up window. Look in the upper right corner. You should see 'Apache Havoc: Installed.' I circled it in blue in the screenshot. The main screen should now be showing. Select 'Combat'. From the next screen, you can select either 'Campaign' or 'Skirmish' and be able to fly the Apache or Havoc.
  3. The next screen is what confuses everyone. It is the 'Gunship screen', which is where you select which side you want to fight as (Red or Blue). It doesn't select which platform you want to fly...I can understand why this can be misleading, since Razorworks labeled it 'Gunship' and you are actually seeing images of the Comanche or Havok. Select the Comanche for the Blue side (blue means 'friendly' in military symbology) or the Hokum for the Red side (red means enemy or opposing force in military symbology).
  4. The next screen that shows is the Campaign and Mission Planning screen. Look to the left and choose a mission by selecting an Assigned or Unassigned mission (also see page 2.7-2.14 in the manual). You can read through the mission objectives and see what platform the mission will be utilizing. You'll see one of the two helicopters that the Blue side (or Red side, whichever you chose earlier) models. Select your Apache or Havoc this way.

I hope this clears up how to fly the Apache or Havoc in EECH. I'm getting a bit tired of seeing this question popping up almost daily. I didn't ask that when I first started. I found out myself. I also observed the forums and newsgroups BEFORE I even thought about asking this question. By monitoring the newsgroups, I saw the answer without asking it myself (hint, hint).

One more hint for the newbies: You can see which version of EECH you are running by looking in the bottom right corner of the screen when EECH is booting up. I circled it in blue.

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By Ron Sinclair
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