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C/C++ Programming Page
This page consists of my programming studies of C/C++.  Below are downloadable programs for people to review.  They are nothing fancy, just some assignments that I had to do when attending Monterey Peninsula College when we lived at the Presidio of Monterey Annex.

Most of these have explanations of what they do inside the code itself, but it would be better if I put a description beside the files itself.  I'll be doing that soon.  For now, the names of the files should explain what most of them do.
2 are also executable.  I used Borland C++ to compile the code and make those executable files.  They can be double-clicked on (after downloading them to your computer), then the computer will open up a W95 "DOS" window, executing the file.
Adding.cpp Adds positive, negative integers; zero is stop signal.
Average.cpp Averages 3 float (decimal) numbers.
Birthyea.cpp Calculates a person's age.
Demohome.cpp Creates statistical data of classroom grades.
Demoray.cpp Same as above, but this or the others is a more refined program.
Demoray1.cpp Same as above, but this or the others is a more refined program.
Designs.cpp Creates screen designs - this code may need to be modified to run on your computer.
Inkyfile.cpp Designs.cpp needs this file in order to run properly, I think.
lastprog.cpp This was my final project.  It manipulates data inside matrices.
Minmx1.cpp Creates addition problems, computes sum, max, min, and average of #s
Minmx2.cpp Code makes you input numbers, it averages, and picks the min./max. and mean #s.
Minmx2.exe (executable) Used Borland C++ to create an executable file of Minmx2.cpp.
Money.cpp Code takes a certain money amount and breaks it down into X amount of dollars, quarters, nickels, etc.
Mult1.cpp Multiplication tester for kids.  Makes multiplication problems, asks for solution, tells if its wrong/right, gives 3 tries to get correct answer, counts how many wrong/right answers given, and reports how many correct/incorrect answers were given.
Mult2.cpp Same as Mult1.cpp, but it asks name, uses name throughout program, asks for paramaters for program (how many problems, highest # to use) gives letter grade results at end of test.
Mult2.exe (executable) Executable of Mult2.cpp, made with Borland C++.
Pricing.cpp This was written by the instructor for us to use when creating the code for Money.cpp. Has alot of remarks within the code to explain what the code does.
Prime.cpp This program takes 2 numbers and figures out the prime numbers between the two.
Prime2.cpp Same as Prime.cpp, but has more functions.
Primhom.cpp Same as Primhom.cpp, but uses outputs graphics.
Shapes.cpp Creates shapes.  Demo created by instructor.
Shapes2.cpp Modified version of Shapes.cpp, adds solid and hollow triangle shapes
Test.cpp Same as Mult#.cpp series. May or may not have more functionality.
Testdriv.cpp I think this code is required when using the shapes.cpp code.  I'll check it out soon.
Vitodef.h You will need this to run my files, unless you are willing to go thru the code and change little things.  Downloading this is may still have to hash thru a bit of code but not much.  This file just has #include calls and #define functions.


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